What Is SEO and How Much Does it Cost Per Month

SEO Can Only Get Better With Time, Care And Consistency.

What SEO is in short, is “Search Engine Optimization“. These are marketing best practices used to gain high engaging and relevant traffic to a website from a search engine’s organically ranked ad platform.

Search engines are made to promote what is best for the user. They are trying to solve the users problem as quickly as possible, to the best of their ability, and in the order of most relevant to least. This is in case you don’t find what you are looking for on the first search.

So, when you think about this, then the only limiting factor is the competing websites and pages it has to choose from to show the user first.

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SEO Cost and Technical Feature Comparison Guide

SEO Service Cost Guide And Digital Marketing Agency Checklist

How Much Does SEO Cost and Are There Impacts to PPC

Have you been wondering “how much does SEO cost” using best practices, and will it affect PPC campaigns?

The short answer is “Yes” it effects PPC costs.

Most ad platforms and search engines like Google state this directly on their website. The cost depends on your available budget, and your companies current position and marketing mix being used.

Google have even built a tool that estimates how much traffic and money you will lose from speed alone each year. This can be used to reference both SEO revenue loss or PPC campaign budget wastage.

Each 100 milliseconds seconds is costing you money.

Brand signals are a big part of SEO. If you have social channels, articles or sometimes even products that are not bringing in valuable traffic to your company, this will be damaging your performance and ranks with SEO. This is because it can take time to adjust and optimise existing marketing content and channels. Especially if there are large amounts published, but it is bringing in low or no ongoing and engaged traffic.

Help With SEO Management and Company Costs

Wanting to boost your website’s page ranks with SEO Management Service best practices and gain long-term Free Traffic? Use the SEO Pricing list as a checklist to think about the management you might need to give your company the best chance of success.

SEO is a constant task and can be overwhelming. Even knowing what SEO area to start learning can be a lot, let alone experimenting at the same time in the unknown. This can also be costly and slow if it is not a strong knowledge area in your company, or if it is neglected. You may have already even experienced thousands of hours in training and self-learning video’s, only to be lead back to where you started. 

The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. There are SEO services out there that can help support while your company has time to train and develop. You even can get first hand experience learning what reports are used and the outcomes from changes

BCNMKT has also made SEO management easy by breaking it down into more manageable parts. Although it is more cost effective for the performance outcomes you receive with ongoing management, you can also just have one-off SEO audits and hourly help. Sometimes this is a great way to test the waters before making large SEO Optimization Updates to your website

SEO Content Writing to Assist Optimizing and Management

You can’t do SEO Management without Content Writing or Articles to measure. Just like you cant rank for keywords unless you target focus keywords and mark up your articles correctly

Knowing how to research keyword and topic trends. And, how to put them on paper in a way Google and Customers can understand, while maintaining audience interests, this is an art. Otherwise everyone would be at Rank 1 on Google

It starts with a custom written article tailored to your audience filled with all the right information. Then, it needs to be developed over time with amazing Images, Infographics color schemes and if you can, even video.

You want to build an arsenal of fast loading SEO optimised content that has an efficient and effective message.

Improving Social Brand Recognition For Search Engines

Social Media has a big impact on SEO and Brand signals. You can be effecting your brand If you are not active or You’re Posting Too Much and not receiving much activity from Users.

Search engines can see this. They can also see how often you are like, commenting, share and following other people. Most algorithm for Search Engines and Social Platforms now take into consideration how well you have marked up your social posts and linked them back to your website.

Remember Social platforms are Websites Too, they have to rank with search engines just as much as you do. Social platforms also have to promote trends on their internal platforms too. So making sure you are SEO friendly is an End-to-End job and shouldn’t stop at just your website.

Graphic Design and Your Brand for SEO

Search Engines and Social Platforms all have their preferred sizes, formats and sometimes what is included in the image. Platforms, such as Amazon for instance require background removal

Creating the right meta data for images also has a big impact on SEO. Things like; Titles, Descriptions, links and more, these all have to be managed to get SEO benefits

Logo’s, color schemes, branding, device formatting, these all have to be thought of when developing a SEO Powered Business. Read about the full list of support your Graphic Designer should be keeping track of your business