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Twitter Ads Explained How They Work With BCNMKT Digital Marketing Agency.

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Twitter ads help get in front of your users while they are actively using the platform or its networks. The advertising platform lets you utilize different campaign objectives, ad formats, and bid strategies to help influence your users down your marketing funnel.

How Ads On Twitter Work

Twitter Ads work by applying paid promotions on content you create. The social advertising platform then lets you choose out of a selection of Campaign Strategies to then strategically get the most out of your investment.

Twitter Ad Placements

Twitter Ad Placements include; All On Twitter, Publisher Networks, Twitter Profiles, Twitter Search and Twitter Timelines. There is only 1 network which limits campaign strategies, which is on the publisher networks. This can be shown in the following chart.

Twitter Placements and Campaign Objective Goal Strategies Availability Chart.

Click To Enlarge.

Ad Formats:

There are 5 main ad formats used with Twitter Advertisements:

  • Text.
  • Images.
  • Videos.
  • Carousels.
  • Moments.

Campaign Goals And Strategies Used On Twitter

There are 3 main Campaign Goals on Twitter that are designed to target the users journey through the marketing Funnel. This includes; Awareness, which contains 1 sub-strategy. Consideration, which has 6 sub-strategies to choose from. And, Conversions, which has 1 sub-category you can use.

Awareness Strategy

There is only 1 bid strategy used for targeting awareness with Twitter Ads, and this is by using the Reach Strategy.

Grow Awareness Using “Reach”

The Reach awareness strategy is used to do just that. To maximize your ad’s reach without focussing too much on a specific conversion goal.

Pricing model used for Reach: Pay Per 1000 Tweet Impressions. The fundamental principles of this work similarly to that of the CPM model used by Google Ads.

Consideration Strategies

Consideration uses 6 bid strategies for targeting with Twitter Ads. These are; Video views, Pre-roll views, App Installs, Website Traffic, Engagements, Followers.

Video Views

The Video views strategy is aimed to maximize the opportunity for your users to watch your video.

Pricing Model Used: Pay for Video Views, or otherwise called “Cost Per View.

Pre-Roll Views

Pre-roll views: Pair your ad with premium content and are video ads played at the beginning of videos on Twitter.

Price model for Pre-Roll Views: Pay Per View.

App Installs

App installs: Aims to target users to increase installs of your app

App Installs Pricing Model: Pay Per App Clicks.

Website Traffic

Website traffic: Is an objective that is used to focus on driving more traffic to your website

Price Model For Website Traffic: Pay Per Link Clicks.


Engagements: An objective that aims to increase your user engagement with your Tweet.

Engagement Pricing Model: Pay Per Engagement, or also called “Cost Per Engagement.


Followers helps optimize your campaign to target users to follow your brand on Twitter. This helps build a larger audience, and over time, will help you reach more users with each organic post you make

The Follower Pricing Model: Pay Per Follow, or also known as Cost Per Follow.

Twitter’s Conversion Strategy

As mentioned earlier, there is only one conversion strategy to use on twitter, and this is App Re-engagements.

App Re-Engagements

App re-engagements Is a strategy to get people to increase event actions in your app, and to get them to increase their overall usage time.

The Price Model Used: Pay Per App Clicks.

Available Bid Strategies

Twitter uses 3 bid strategies which depend on your chosen campaign goal, and the associated pricing model. These are Automatic Bids, Maximum Bid, and Target Bid.

Automatic Bid

The Automatic bid type is designed to automatically optimize your bid to maximize results at the lowest cost within your allocated budget.

Maximum Bid

Twitter’s Maximum bid strategy allows more control over how much you want to pay per action.

Target Bid

Target bid is a strategy that can only be used with the following campaign goals or objectives

  • followers
  • website traffic
  • reach
  • app installs
  • app re-engagement

Using this strategy you set the bid that you’d like to pay on average per action. It will then optimize to that average cost for all link clicks within a day.

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