tCPM, Or Target Cost Per Mil With Google Ads

tCPM, Or Target Cost Per Mil (1000 Impressions) Is A Google Ads Video Campaign Bid Strategy.

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Target Cost Per Mil, or “tCPM”, is a Google Ads Bid Strategy where you can set the average amount you’re willing to pay for every 1000 impressions your ad is shown. In marketing terms Cost Per Mil (CPM), using the latin word “Mil”, which means 1000.

Ad Placement For tCPM

Bid Adjustments While Using tCPM

Because tCPM is an Automated Bidding Strategy, where google increases or decreases the bid depending on the likelihood of a conversion within your set tCPM amount. If you have bid adjustments set up, they will be made inactive when this strategy is applied.

A Target Cost Per 1000 Impressions Tip

Target Cost Per 1000 Impressions (tCPM) has a handy feature that optimizes to sequence Video completions. This essentially means that it optimizes for maximizing the number times users see an entire sequence you set up. In turn, this optimizes to target similar users that will also watch until the end.

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