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Target Impression Share Google Ads Explained With Scrabble Keywords.

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Target Impression Share is a Google Ads Automated Bidding Strategy that sets your bids to show in 3 places; The absolute top of the page, on the top of the page, or, anywhere on the page of Google search results, depending on your goal

Target impression share is available either as a standard strategy in a Single Campaign or as a portfolio strategy. It ​​only includes the Google Search Network, and doesn’t include search partners.

How Target Impression Share Works

Target Impression Share can be useful for Campaigns trying to target brand search terms and outranking known competitors.

This Bid Strategy can also be useful in raising awareness of your brand.

Target IS Placement

As mentioned earlier, Target IS has 3 placement options to choose from to show your ads. Absolute Top Of The Page, on the Top Of The Page, or Anywhere On The Page of Google search results.

Absolute Top Of The Page

The Absolute Top Of The Page shows your ad at just that, the very first ppc rank or position on the Google Search Results page. This placement is more expensive, as it is the most valuable and first seen ad. It will bring the most amount of traffic in relation to the other placements.

Top Of The Page

The Top of Page placement includes any of the Top Available PPC ad positions available on the Google Search results page. This is a mid range costing placement out of the three options.

Anywhere On The Page Of Google Search Results

The “anywhere” placement option can show at the top or bottom of the Google Search results page. It is the cheapest placement option out of the 3.

This strategy comes in handy when creating consideration and brand recognition campaigns. These Campaigns are not necessarily designed to get clicks. They’re more intended to always show up in front of your target audience whenever they are searching for your top performing competitor brands. The aim is to always be present. At the same time, to subtly resonate your brand alongside the top performers to improve the way users preserve and value your brand.

Bid Limits And Impression Share

The Target Impression Share ​​Bid limits are the Max CPC set for the bid strategy.

Bid Adjustments Using Target IS

Target IS optimizes using real-time data. Due to this reason, your manually set existing bid adjustments will become inactive when the bid strategy is applied. The only exception is for mobiles. In that you can set the bid adjustments of -100%, to prevent your ad from showing on mobile devices at all

A case where this would be useful, is when your landing page takes a very long time to load, and the majority of your mobile traffic is bouncing. This can be a big cause of low performance from Landing Page Experience and Quality Scores.

A Helpful Hint To Remember About Target Impression Share

The Target Impression Share Strategy can be known to have higher costs in comparison to Other Bidding Strategies. It’s usually caused because the campaign is being forced to show on keywords you haven’t necessarily optimized your Ads for. In turn, it can affect Quality Scores and Relevance towards the user’s search term, requiring a higher bid needed to outbid your competitor for the position.

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