Ecommerce and Amazon Product Photography Pricing Guide 2020

Product Photography That Influences Buying Behavior Guarantees Success.

Amazon Product photography, is photography that presents a product in the best possible photographic representation, while abiding by platform SEO format guidelines.

The goal is to use high quality photo’s, or at least photo’s equal or better than competitors. To then spread awareness of a product, while aiming to assist potential customers to make a purchase.

Professional Ecommerce and Amazon Product Photography helps customers feel comfortable with the quality of a brand. It shows possibilities of things they can do with the product that maybe they didn’t know about, and can also help promote up-selling

Compare product Photography services and the pricing associated to each feature. Find out what your company needs and learn how to start approaching your Product Photos for 2021.

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Product Photography Pricing Comparison List

Product Photo Price Comparisons for Amazon and Ecommerce Companies

Prices for Graphic Design and Background Removal Edits

Taking great photo’s is one aspect of the business, but changing it from great to amazing, this is an art. This is how good Graphic Designers can bring value to a company.

It takes time, patience and a great deal of knowledge and skill to be able to understand how light and color tones work together. This along side experience using powerful editing software like Adobe Photoshop, After Effect, Illustrator and others, this can be tricky to manage.

The BCNMKT Team have created a checklist of  Graphic Design features to help show what to manage for your company. If you have been looking for assistance wth Graphic Design or background removals see what you might need, and then Contact The BCNMKT Team.

How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

Why do you need to worry about SEO with Photography, and How Much Does SEO Cost?

Images can tell 1000 words. So, if your images are associated to the story it is representing on an article, a paragraph, or maybe even a product. You will find the effects you want will be so much more influential

Aside from user engagement with images, you also need to think about size and load times, and what is called “metadata markup“. This is the information that search engines use to read and analyze your website quickly.

When search engines look at metadata like “alt text“, it wants to be able to still “visualizethe picture if it doesn’t load. Good Gramma and other items are taken into consideration and can also help boost keyword strength on your page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services can cost between 200 and 1000+ euros per month for standard services. 

SEO can help optimize and develop future supporting content to build page strength and long-term free website traffic. See a detailed list of pricing and inclusions for SEO services by BCNMKT SEO Specialist Team.