Pinterest Ads And What You Need To Know

“Pinterest Ads = Product Specs, Collection, Videos, Carousels And Partnered Idea Ads.”

BCNMKT Explains How Pinterest Ads Work.

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Pinterest Ads is a simple and straightforward ad platform to use. With the option to select clearly outlined Campaign’s Goals and Placements, it’s easy to get going quickly and to start targeting your audiences to return valuable actions towards your business within days.

How Do Pinterest Ads Work?

Pinterest uses 5 Strategic Campaign Types, with either a Manual or Automated Bid Strategy, combined with multiple pricing models. The pricing models and ad type vary depending on the campaigns that you choose which we will explain below.


Pinterest shows ads in 3 placement areas within their platform which include; Browse, Search, and All Placements.

Browse Placement

The Browse placement shows your ads while people are browsing their home feeds. Or, as related Pins recommended from Pinterest as the user is viewing something.

Pinterest’s Search Placement:

The Search Placement shows your ads in Pinterest’s Search Results pages. Similar to “Pinterest’s Search Results pages”, Search Placements also show up in related Pins.

The All Placements Option

All does just as it sounds! It shows your ads in both Search and Browse Placements.

Ad Formats

There are 5 different types of ad formats used with this advertising platform. These are shown in the following list:

Campaign Types

Choosing the right goal for your campaign will determine what bid strategies and ad formats you can use. Pinterest has 5 options to choose from, including; Brand Awareness, Video Views, Consideration, Conversion, Catalog Sales (your shopping campaigns).

Brand awareness

Brand awareness focuses on maximizing reach to get people to discover your brand, products or services.

Pricing Models Used: Both Automated and Custom Bid Strategies are available. If Automated is selected, Pinterest will manage your bids to your budget. Otherwise, if Custom is selected, it uses a CPM (Cost Per Mil, Or Latin for 1000 Impressions) pricing model.

Video View Campaign

Video View Campaigns Optimizes itself to increase the quality and quantity of your engagement types for your videos. This includes; average video watching durations, and video completion rates.

Pricing Models Used: Uses a Cost Per View (CVP) pricing model. This lets you set your Max CPV bid you’re willing to pay for a video view. This is charged when users view your video for 2 seconds or more.

Consideration Campaign Type

The Consideration Campaign Type is simplistic by nature, but effective with its results. It simply targets users that are more likely to click on your pin.

Pricing Models Used: Either have Pinterest Ads manage your bids with your budget allocation by using Automated Bidding. Otherwise, Consideration Custom Bids uses a Cost Per Click (CPC) model. This is where you set the max CPC amount you are willing to pay for an ad click.


Conversions help increase user actions, such as; checkout visits, sign ups, or add to cart action on your website.

Pricing Models Used: Either choose Pinterest Ads Automated Bidding. Or, choose custom Bids, which will let you set your budget and your target cost per action (CPA). This is the average amount you are willing to pay a user to complete an outbound click to your website landing page.

Catalog Sales Campaigns

Catalog Sales Campaigns targets users who are more likely to discover and click on your products or services pins while searching on Pinterest’s Search Engine.

Pricing Models Used: Use Automatic Bidding, or again choose custom. Custom Bids uses a target CPA just like the conversions campaign, only it is tailored towards your products and service pins.

Bid Strategies And Pricing Models

Custom Bids

The Custom Bids Strategy lets you set the maximum bid amount you want to pay for the action you want. If you are an Experienced Marketing Strategist with this platform, This strategy gives you full control of increasing or lowering the max bid to find your optimal performance limits.

Automated Bidding

Pinterest’s Automated Bid Strategy is managed and optimized by their machine learning engine instead of you. It will raise or lower bids strategically depending on the campaign objectives you choose.

An Automated Bidding Marketing Management Tip:

Make sure you plan your marketing budget appropriately.

You have to remember when using automated bidding, Pinterest will utilize all of your ad spend budget allocated for the campaign. Its fundamental aim is similar to that of Google Ads Maximize Conversions. In that it will take more risks at higher bids that are more likely to convert. Aiming to always try to get the most performance for the selected objective. It’s important to understand your budget, because this strategy can also spend your budget before the end of the month if it is set too low.

Availability of Automated Bidding With Campaign Objectives

Automated bidding is only available with the following campaign objectives:

  • Consideration.
  • Conversion.
  • Catalog Sales and Brand Awareness Campaigns.

How Long Is Pinterests Automated Learning Period

Like with all automated bidding strategies from any advertising platform, it needs a learning period when first starting your campaign. This usually takes between 3 to 5 days unless your ad has been disapproved and needs updating.

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