Microsoft Ads, Learn What You Need To Know

“Microsoft Ads = Bing, Yahoo!, AOL, And More.”

Microsoft Ads Explained Across Bing, Yahoo, AOL And Partner Websites.

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Microsoft Ads is an advertising service that lets you pay per click to get your ads in front of users using Microsoft’s networks. These include Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines. Microsoft Ad performance is usually better on Desktop. This is because a lot of businesses, schools and government departments use these networks by default.

Desktop Reach Available From Microsoft's Network

Microsoft’s reach for Desktop alone gets 16.5 billion searches per month and reaches 687 million users. This is 14.5% of market share. So, it is still a very strong network to advertise with. It can even work out cheaper in certain situations, as competition is usually a lot lower in comparison with Google Ads.

Ad Placement Locations:

Microsoft Ad Placements will show on search results pages on websites including; Bing, AOL and Yahoo!.

They can also show on publishing display networks such as MSN,, Microsoft Edge and other partnered publisher properties.

Ad Formats Using Microsoft Advertising:

The Microsoft advertising platform has 8 ad types to show on their networks.

  1. App Install Ads.
  2. Expanded Text Ads.
  3. Dynamic Search ads.
  4. Microsoft Advertising in Bing Smart Search.
  5. Microsoft Audience Ads.
  6. Multimedia Ads
  7. Product Ads.
  8. Responsive search ads.

Microsoft Ads Pricing Models:

Microsoft Ads uses 8 bid strategy pricing models across its platforms. Their automated optimization goals are also quite similarly designed to Google Ads Bid Strategies.

  1. EnhancedCpc: This can be used with 2 Campaign Types; Search, and Shopping.
  2. ManualCpc: Can be used with 1 Campaign Type, which includes; Audience.
  3. ManualCpv: Is also only available with 1 Type; Audience Campaigns.
  4. MaxClicks: is available with 2 Campaign Types; Search, and Shopping.
  5. MaxConversions: is limited to 1 Campaign Type; Search.
  6. MaxConversionValue: Can only be used with Smart Shopping.
  7. TargetCpa: is Only available with Search Campaigns.
  8. TargetRoas: Can be used with both Search and Shopping Campaigns.

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Data Source For Microsoft Ads Placements And Campaign Types.

Helpful Free Tools For Research And Planning

There are 4 amazing helpful tools you can use for marketing research, keyword research, and planning. The even better news is they’re Free!

Search Network Data Insights Tool

Microsoft Search Network Data Insights Tool: Allows you to quickly look at market share sizes and vertical insights around searches made from different countries.

Audience Network data and insights

Microsoft Audience Network data and insights: Lets you review the market share size and vertical insights per country from the display networks.

Trending Search Query Tool

Trending Search Query Tool: Lets you see which keywords or search terms are being used the most per vertical. This can also be very helpful to filter down and look through brand search trends to find businesses that are trending. Including seeing their market share against competitor brand searches.

Microsoft Keyword Planner Tool

The last tool is the Microsoft Keyword Planner Tool: This has had some difficulties with downtime recently. However, we are putting it in there as it was an amazing tool for keyword research, and may come back online soon. This and planning PPC campaign forecasts

It works very similarly to the Google Ads keyword Planner Tool, so if you have used this before, you should have no troubles using it. Otherwise play around with it, and learn the interface first hand!

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