Maximize Conversions And Google Ads Bidding

Maximize Conversions Google Ads Bidding Explained With Keywords.

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The Maximize Conversions Bidding Strategy automatically sets bids to help you get the most conversions from your campaigns budget. The bid strategy can be selected when creating a new campaign, from the campaign settings, or from the shared library “bid strategies” page.

Maximize Conversions also allows you the option to control and set a Target Cost per Action (Target CPA, or TCPA) for your campaign.

Setting A Target CPA With Maximize Conversions

A Google Ads campaign using Maximize Conversion without a Target CPA set, will try to spend your daily budget to maximize conversions. If a Target CPA is set, the Maximize Conversions bids will then act as they would when using TCPA bidding. In that bids will be made to maximize your conversions within the amount you are willing to spend for them.

A Maximize Conversions Tip

Be careful and monitor very closely if you are choosing to switch to Maximize Conversions. Make sure to check your average daily budget amount beforehand. This is very important because if you’re currently spending less than your current daily budget, Maximize Conversions will change this. It will aim to spend all of your average daily budget as it’s more aggressive in taking risks to get higher conversions. In turn, this could increase your current daily spend.

Manually Set Bid adjustments and Maximize Conversions

Like most Smart automated bidding strategies within Google Ads, manually set bid adjustments won’t work. This is because Maximize Conversions uses your real-time data to predict and automatically adjust bids accordingly. There is only one exception to this, which is that mobile only bid adjustments can still be set to -100%.

Maximize Conversions Vs Maximize Conversion Value

Although there are similarities, Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Value are very different.

Maximize Conversions

Maximize Conversions doesn’t take into consideration the value of the conversion. Instead, it gives you the option to set a Target CPA, or leave it empty. If you set a Target CPA Google Ads will try to get as many conversions as possible at that cost. If the Target CPA isn’t set, then Maximize conversions will spend your budget to get as many conversions as possible.

Maximize Conversion Value

Maximize conversion value takes the value of the conversion into consideration and updates at every conversion. Values vary depending on the type of conversion and its impact and value towards your business. Costs using this bid strategy will attempt to stay within your specified budget.

The Maximize Conversion Value Strategy also allows you the option to set the Target CPA, or leave it empty. If set, you will need to specify a transactional conversion value. It will then aim to get you as much conversion value as possible at your target ROAS.

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