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Google Ads Maximize Conversion Value Explained Using Scrabble Keywords.

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Maximize Conversion Value gets you the most conversion value from your Campaign within your specified budget. It can be applied to your campaigns when either creating a new eligible campaign, from the campaign settings, or from the shared library “bid strategies” page.

How Maximize Conversion Value Works On Google Ads

The Maximize Conversion Value Bidding Strategy uses your Historical Performance Data and its prediction algorithm to optimize your bids live at auction time. The bids are tailored towards increasing bid adjustments towards the conversion value you set. It will aim to get the most valued return within your specified budget.

With Max Conversion Value you also have the option to define the value that you want to maximize. This means that when you set up your major account conversions. You can choose to focus on building for sales revenue, or profit margins.

Manually Set Bid adjustments And Max Conversion Value

It’s important to note that manually set bid adjustments won’t work with Google’s Max Conversion Value. This SMART strategy uses real-time data to predict and automatically adjust bids accordingly. Only one exception is allowed, and that’s mobile only bid adjustments can still be set to -100% to not show to this device.

Maximize Conversion Value Vs Maximize Conversions

There is one main difference between Maximize Conversions and Maximize Conversion Value.

Maximize Conversion Value:

Maximize conversion value takes the value of the conversion into consideration and optimizes after each conversion event. It will also aim to get the most conversion value within your ad spend budget.

Maximize Conversions:

Whereas, Maximize Conversions doesn’t take into consideration the value of the conversion. It will aim to spend your full budget to get the most amount of conversions it can. This is unless you set a Target CPA value. In this case, it will aim to get the most amount of conversions within the set conversion target cost.

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