Maximize Clicks Bidding Using Google Ads

Maximize Clicks Bidding On Google Ads Explained In Detail.

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Maximize Clicks is a semi-automated Google Ads Smart Bidding Strategy that sets your bids to get the most clicks possible within your budget. This strategy can be used on Single Campaigns, or as a Portfolio Bid Strategy.

How Maximize Clicks Works

The Maximize Clicks bidding strategy works by automatically setting your bids at auction time without going over your max cost per click you are willing to spend. For this to work efficiently, you do need to set the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for each click in your Campaign.

Bid Adjustments When Using This Bidding Strategy

Normally most Google Ads Automated Bidding Strategies override your bid adjustments and will set them as inactive when used. However, similar to the ECPC Strategy, Maximize Clicks lets you set Bid adjustments. They will apply on top of the maximum CPC bid limit you set in the Campaign.

When to use Maximize Clicks

At the end of the day we are all aiming to increase sales, revenue and overall return on investment. Managing your campaign performance by Maximizing Clicks doesn’t allow you to do this easily.

By using Maximize Clicks, this is taking the focus of the campaign goal away from conversions and targeting it at learning. This is great if you are just trying to gain reach and awareness into new markets, and want to see how they engage. Google will take more risks by increasing bids to try and get traffic that will be generally interested in your ads, not so much your major conversion goals.

When to Upgrade to Another Automated Bidding Strategy

Maximize Clicks is usually used up until you are receiving at least 15 conversions per month from your Campaign. Once you reach this stage, you can start looking at other strategies like TCPA or ROAS which help control your campaign around conversion costs or budgets you want to spend.

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