Manual CPC Bidding Using Google Ads

Manual CPC Bidding With Google Ads Explained.

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Manual Cost Per Click, or “Manual CPCbidding enables you to set the maximum cost per click amount you’re willing to pay for an ad click. It also lets you manage full control of bid adjustment, and gives you the option to try ECPC.

Manual CPC and Bid Adjustments

Manual CPC, being manually managed, does allow you to set your own bid adjustments to the Campaign. These are percentage increases or decreases to your bids to put more emphasis towards showing your Ads. It is a strategy that gives you full control of the adjustments to show more or less frequently based on where, when, and how people search and engage with your ads and business.

Manual CPC Tip

If you are not confidently understanding how to read your performance insights to optimize your bid adjustments manually. Then, it’s most likely going to be a lower risk investment to use Google Ads Smart Campaign Strategies when they become eligible. 

Try to aim to have at least 15 conversions over 30 days in your Campaign of Historical Data before upgrading your bid strategy.

Semi-Automated Bidding With Enhanced CPC

By selecting Manual Bidding, this will also give you the option to activate the semi-automated bid strategy Enhanced Cost-Per-Click. Enhanced CPC (ECPC) works by automatically adjusting your manual bids for clicks that are more or less likely to end as a conversion or sale

ECPC auto-optimizations take into consideration auction-time signals, such as the following.

ECPC Auction-Time Signals

  • Device.
  • Location.
  • Time of day.
  • Language.
  • Operating systems.
  • Unique actions taken from every search.

Free Google Tools To Help Keyword Research And Plan CPC Bids

Need help with Keyword Research, or to Plan and Optimize Your CPC Bids? Google actually has free tools that can do this for you!

Bid Simulator

The bid simulator analyzes data from ad auctions on the Search and Display Networks. It Takes into consideration Ad Quality and performance metrics to estimate how they could have performed with other setups. The simulator will then show you comparative reports on key metrics to help you better decide to make bidding changes. 

This bid management tool is also free to use inside your Google Ads account.

Click Path To Find Google's Bid Simulator Tool

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  • Click “Campaigns”, “Ad groups”, or “Keywords”.
  • Then, Click the “simulator icon” button that looks like a square with a graph line in it.
    • Under Campaigns, the icon is located in the “Budget” column.
    • Under Ad groups, the icon is in the “Default max. CPC” column.
    • In Keywords, the icon is in the “Max. CPC” column.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google keyword planner is an amazing tool that shows keyword performance search, trends, and cost history. It can also forecast from 1 month, 3 months and even up to 12 months of predicted performance too. If you know your conversion data already, it will even provide you with ROI forecasts and graphs to help maximize your strategies performance even before it starts.

The greatest part about the Keyword Planner is it’s also 100% free. All you need is a Google Ads Account.

Click Path To Find The Keyword Planner

  • Click on “Tools and Settings” in the top right corner.
  • Navigate to the “Planning” column.
  • Select “Keyword Planner”.
  • Option 1 (left choice) allows you to research keywords using topic keywords, or URLs from pages or web domains.
  • Option 2 (right choice) is used when you already have a known list of keywords to copy and paste into a plan.
  • Review the keywords and add or remove them from your plan.
  • Review the historical and forecasted performance data.
  • Save your selection into ad groups to be ready and pre-prepared for applying to your campaign.

First-Page Bid Estimates

Google’s First-Page Bid Estimate Tool helps you see how much you may need to pay to get your ad to the first page of Google’s Search Results.

Click Path To Find The First-Page Bid Estimates

  • In your campaign menu, select “Keywords and targeting > Keywords”.
  • Select the keywords that you’d like to edit.
  • Click “Edit > Change bids”.
  • Select “Raise bids to their first page bid estimates”.
  • Optional: If you want to make sure the new bids don’t exceed a certain limit, check the box “next to Set bids” no higher than the amount you want to pay.
  • Click “Change bids” to finish and apply.

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