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What Internet Marketing Service Do You Want?

Whatever the business, whatever the need, BCNMKT Internet Marketing Service Specialists can help build and automate your solution. Scale your business and increase performance fast with expert help.

SEO Search Optimization For Marketing

SEO & Organic Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the foundation that generates consistent Free Traffic.

It is the process of optimising Organic Channels with Best Practices to gain Traffic to a Business or Website via;

Search Engines

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo 
  • Ask
  • Yandex
  • Baidu
  • Goo
  • Sogou
  • 360
  • And others

Assisted By Social Media Platforms

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • And Others

What Does SEO Do?

A Search Engines function is to show a user a web page that will best solve their specific search term request. 

It could be as simple as an answer to a question, or something more specific like a recipe, product, tutorial or other intent of thought. They are trying to solve your problem through someone else’s shared experience or service with the best creative content and user experiences.

SEO not only improves organic traffic quantity, but also traffic quality – attracting the users that matter. Good SEO can ensure that you don’t attract Wildlife Enthusiasts to a website that promotes Jaguar cars. SEO consists of several strong factors determined by Search Engines.

This is why Search Engines favour websites with the best user friendly, fast, relevant and quality content.

They take into consideration an enormous amount of data points all at once do then quickly research and return the best options to select from. 

SEO Rank Factors To Manage and Optimise

  • Site layout and structure and click depths
  • Security
  • Page load speeds
  • Page experience durations
  • Bounce rates
  • Mobile friendly
  • Consistent, current and quality content
  • Keywords and relevance
  • Social influence, impacts, activity and engagement
  • Customer Support and Satisfaction
  • External credibility, links from other websites and social shares
  • And many other data points that test traffic, trends and user engagement and your brand

Top Marketing Services like BCNMKT constantly audit thousands of websites on a daily basis utilising internal and external technologies. They use this data to gather deep and constant industry insights like keywords, trends, and many other pieces of data.

By using best industry standard and privately developed tools and reporting systems, this makes it possible to have the leading edge in tracking, ranking and organic performance systems to ensure continual high-influencing marketing channels with less effort and overall costs.

SEO Basic Tasks To Track and Manage

  • Highly qualified keyword research and Content Strategies
  • Creating Unique SEO optimised Content, written or image and video creative designs
  • Web Design, front-end & back-end optimisation
  • Page speeds and markup optimisations
  • User experience & website structure audits
  • Social media impact and engagement audits
  • Mobile friendliness tests
  • Constant Customer support and satisfaction management
Google Ads Services Title Content Image

Google Ads (Adwords) PPC

Google Ads, formerly known as Adwords, is the most popular and functional online PPC marketing tool available for advertisers. It consists of bespoke marketing campaigns including text, image and video paid per click advertisements.

Google PPC Ad Space Networks:

  • Google Search Results Page
  • Google Display Network (other websites)
  • Google Shopping
  • Gmail
  • Youtube

PPC Campaigns

Each campaign can be created with specific goals such generating brand awareness, traffic and conversions. The strategy and keywords applied are determined by the advertiser and their individual goals.


Keywords are the bedrock of Google Ads that an Internet Marketing Service will bid on to gain fast targeted traffic to a company Marketing Services put themselves in the shoe’s of users, and research what they would search for if they were to look for their site, service or specific product on a search engine

For example, let’s say “Tom” wants to buy a mousetrap. He types “buy mousetrap” or “Mousetrap Store Near Me” and clickssearch“, prompting the real time keyword auction for ad space to begin. 

Advertisers selling mousetraps then compete to have their ads displayed to Tom on the search results. The rank they appear in depends on the amount they are willing to bid and their Google Ads Quality score.

Amazon PPC Services and Prices Title Image

Amazon Marketing PPC and SEO Service Benefits

The major benefit of selling on Amazon, is you can easily reach a large customer audience faster than other ecommerce platforms. Sales Conversions are averagely higher as well, ranging from 10-15% for first position and up to 90% for amazon prime. This is in comparison with a website, which averages around a 2% to 3.5% conversion rate.

So it is fair to say that people who search on amazon already have a higher intent to purchase something subconsciously than the average website visitor.

Amazon has built one of the largest and most successful brands in the world. They have managed to become world leaders in cloud computing for operations and web hosting, as well as sales, marketing and logistics, while maintaining strong credibility among users. You can arguably buy almost anything on amazon from around the world and expect your item to deliver fast and competitively priced. Taking this into consideration as a business owner, it should be in your interest to learn and manage Amazon SEO and PPC

Amazon SEO Marketing and Organic Sales

Amazon SEO is a necessity for long term organic ranking and sales. PPC can help you get quick paid visibility, but why would you always pay the maximum price for a sale if you don’t need to? Your product can rank for many organic keywords, but if your product is not optimized with the proper markup and target keywords, then amazon might only show users 10 relevant out of that 100 target keywords until its optimized. Depending on the demand, this can be thousands of potential viewers in a day.

Not just that, Amazon will see you being as less relevant in your wanted categories. So in short, you will have to pay more money with PPC to get better ad positions to be seen by relevant users over your competitors.

Amazon PPC Internet Marketing Services

Amazon PPC can rapidly help sales velocity and help control organic ranks of products. Like with Google it is best to use Amazon PPC with SEO best practices to get the best performance.

Whether it is for new product releases or optimizations, PPC can help boost any products performance. Amazon is not as user friendly as google or Facebook, with little training or materials to assist with best practices. Usually strong marketing, industry, algorithm and tool knowledge is needed for creating and managing amazon PPC campaigns without wasting a lot of ad spend for products to start seeing performance

You will find most businesses will avoid PPC on amazon purely because they don’t understand it and are not confident to invest in the unknown

This is where an Amazon PPC Marketing Service can help.

An Internet Marketing Service takes the hard part out of learning and then testing that unknown, as they do it on a daily basis. If you own more than a few products, then just imagine how much opportunity you are missing out on.

Market And Competitor Research for Amazon

Market and competitor research should be a constant focus to both enter and also maintain competitiveness on Amazon’s sales platform. Due to the high competition and product saturation it can be hard to enter a market with established sellers. But what if you could find out what they are doing right and use that to your advantage? Click the button to find out more.

New Product Listing Creation For Amazon

Creating listings for products on Amazon is the beginning of the Amazon seller journey. The set up is straightforward – at first glance. Avoid the common pitfalls of other Amazon sellers when creating your Amazon product listing and ensure optimal performance right from the beginning. 

Amazon Product Photo Camera for BCNMKT Services

Amazon Product Photos or Ecommerce Videos

Amazon Product Photos are vital for customer experiences. Although we don’t like to think we “judge things by their cover’s“, have you ever clicked on an amazon product purely because the product photo’s drew you in?

Do you normally buy products that only have 1 product photo? Or, rather choose the ones that show every angle of the product and all its features? Maybe even a photo or video of someone using the product before you start going through the reviews to see if it does what the photo’s suggest.

Like an article, product photos and videos tell a story. They should show people who are interested everything they need to know to push them to the next stage of buying, which is to learn more, justify the purchase and then hopefully share their experience too.

If you want to be the best product, you also need to tell the best story, so make sure you make your product photo’s stand out and capture exactly what your customers need and more to get the best result.

Content Marketing Service Title Image

Content Marketing Service; Writing, Photography, Video And Audio

A Content Marketing Service can create valuable information related to a business in different creative ways that can teach or relate to people in varied methods they learn and interact with best with. 

A clear example of this is someone who has a hearing disability can learn from amazing photography, images, captioned video and written content, where as someone with a vision impairment, they can still have a an amazing experience on your website if you create audio heavy content.

Another example could even be language, Spanish speakers relating to native Spanish content, and native english with english content. The more channels and methods of expressing content you can , the better people will react with your business and also want to share it with others. 

The major areas to think about with content marketing is; Written, photography, creative images and infographics, videography, and audio. 

Content Writer Service with Pen and Article

Content Writers for Writing Articles or Book Chapters

Content Writers, are a necessary team member for any any marketing team. As we know Keywords are the core of search engines, which can provide a lot of long term secured traffic, and published articles and blogs are the minimum requirement you will need to rank for them.

As mentioned previously under SEO, there is a lot to think about when it comes to ranking. When thinking about content though, the better the writer, the better the grammar and overall quality and readability of the content, so the better the results should be once the content starts getting seen by people. Search engines also take these sorts of factors into consideration

Content writers can carry out most written work needed for a business including; ad text, SEO articles, books, product or product descriptions, video descriptions and social media posts. 

High Quality Images for Articles or Social Channels

High Quality Images are needed for every marketing channel you use. Think of the images you like on Instagram, which ones do you like the most? What about products? if it was the same product, but one had professional photos taken, which one would you choose if they were side-by-side. Even video’s need images for thumbnails or screenshots used as ads to promote it. 

Search engines are now so advanced that they can recognise what is in images. They also read at the meta data and measure the uniqueness and engagement with viewers. 

Having unique images in each article and social channel optimised for SEO, device and platform should be a high priority for every business. As people relate easiest with quick visual, mastering this could help master your audience and keep you a step ahead of competition.

Product Photography Camera BCNMKT Service

Product Photo's or Video's for Ecommerce

Product Photo’s and video’s can’t be avoided if you have an Ecommerce or Amazon Business. If this is the main source of where your businesses value is sourced, then this should also be the area that is treated the best. Product photo’s are becoming so competitive in today’s market with technology and online training being so easily and readily available.

Standing out in the crowd is one of the first step of marketing. If you make sure that your products are displayed just as good, and hopefully better than competition, than the only other hurdles you will need to get past are reaching the audience’s eyes, and then having the right price, information and experience after they go to the next stage.

BCNMKT Videography Service Camera

Lifestyle Video's, Animations & Audio, Take Content To The Next Level

Wanting to use amazing scenery, action shots and custom tempo’s to keep your audience at the end of their chairs? Maybe even as a simple animation to add a creative way to break up your text.

Either way, Video has been arguably one of the top entertainment methods used for years. Video can capture nearly all learning senses in one method, so is much more engaging with users. Video is also a big part of search engines and social platforms future focus’, so being able to break into this market with content should definitely be on the priority board for expanding into.

Youtube Services Title Image

Youtube PPC or Content Services to Rank Video Channels

Youtube is the worlds most popular online video streaming service and the second largest Search Engine after Google. Users can create a channel where they upload and share their own videos with other Youtube viewers. The viewers then interact with the creators and other users through comments, likes and shares on desktop and mobile. Creators and viewers often overlap.

Like SEO and PPC Keywords, Youtube can be both paid or organic. For marketing purposes organic can be used to build your audience, improve retention and optimise video content. It involves releasing regular video content on your channel and coupling the videos with tags, proper SEO markup and sharing them with the desired user audiences.

Youtube paid is managed through the Google Ads platform. This allows advertisers to show advertising video content on other creators videos. Advertisements display at the beginning, end or middle of a creators video. Ads can be 6 seconds to several hours long and can be skippable or unskippable according to the advertisers strategy and preference. The viewers are targeted by customised or pre determined audience lists created by Google.

Youtube Benefits

  • Brand awareness & social credibility
  • Audience growth & retention
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Merchandising products
  • Remarketing to past website visitors
  • View-through conversions

From content plan and creation to sharing the content and engaging audiences, make sure to choose a service that can help with it all; Trends, Video Content, Posting, Social Sharing, Organic Engagement, SEO Markup and PPC.

Facebook Marketing Service Content Title Image

Instagram and Facebook Services, How to Grow Followers

Facebook Marketing

Facebook and Instagram share ad networks and audience insight information across the same data network. They’re known as one of the best social media advertising network with highly advanced targeting methods because of this. 

Facebook gathers audience information via 52,000 data points per user making it an intricate platform, but effective in audience targeting. Although difficult to grow organically, Facebook for Business management harnesses big data to improve customer experiences and grow in a measurable way. 

Unlike traditional advertising, Facebooks content engagement allows a 2 way relationship in B2C improving customer retention and advocacy of the brand.

Facebook Services from BCNMKT Include

  • Brand Investigation and strategy development
  • Facebook content creation and optimisation
  • Facebook Messenger chat direct response
  • Facebook page & brand growth
  • Monitoring & Reporting
Instagram Services Content Image

Instagram Marketing

Instagram, the direct partner network of Facebook, focuses on sharing visual content, growing a following and engaging with users. 

Instagram’s foundations are built on hashtags and keywords and can be a great way to re-engage past site visitors and attract new users as they surf the web. 

Instagram as well as Facebook both also provide direct product linking to ecommerce shopping feeds allowing in-app purchases and a shorter customer journey for sales conversions.

Instagram Services from BCNMKT Include

  • Industry trends, detailed target audience insights and campaign plans
  • Hashtag, influencer and competition performance insights
  • Content creation for news feeds and Instagram Stories including both quality and optimized images or videos
  • User engagement through comments and direct messages
  • Follow internet marketing service management
Linkedin Services Title Image


A professional network, LinkedIn marketing is primarily B2B. Businesses can use this network to increase brand awareness and outreaching, as well as easily advertise jobs through:

LinkedIn Services from BCNMKT include

  • Sponsored content
  • Message Ads
  • Text Ads
  • Prospecting
  • Outreach and influence strategies

LinkedIn allows you to personalise content to each user by utilising their Job Title, Employer, Location and other refined profile data points. 

Want to hire a new graphic designer in your city? LinkedIn can create personalised message ads to find and contact the right person with the right criteria for the right role. 

Want to advertise a new company achievement or service? use LinkedIn to make sure marketing professionals are exposed to your ad without wasting money on people who won’t get any use from it.

Pinterest Marketing Services Content Image


Pinterest is a social media tool that allows users to share and discover new interests, browsing via an image based search engine.

Pinterest offers two account types: a general user for standard users, and a Developer Account, for businesses wanting to utilise more features and added tracking tools and linage with your website. An advertiser can generate more traffic to their site via Pinterest, allowing you to analyse and report tracking linkages between platforms.

Advertisers can also pay per click to boost their image or ads allowing more visibility and interactions, to assist organic growth.

Users “pin” rather than post and can create “boards” which allow them to gather and showcase images with a common subject. Think of Pinterest like idea gathering and sharing for things such as fashion, recipes, art and products; a halfway point between Instagram and Google Search; integrating traffic between social channels. It has been a rapid growing platform for businesses because of the easy to reach audiences and niche categories.

Twitter Agency Service Title Image


With more users than Facebook in some demographics, Twitter allows advertisers grow their presence and engagement. Twitter allows advertisers to target highly specific audiences and demographics with Promoted Accounts, Tweets and Trends.

Like other social media platforms Twitter is a great way of engaging new users, generating leads and promoting user advocacy of the product or service you offer.

PPC Service with BCNMKT paid per click icons

PPC Services

PPC Services can be managed across many different platforms. They can have different campaign types and even different bidding strategies.

The correct marketing strategy to use depends on;

  • Your Company,
  • Products or services lifecycle level,
  • Current marketing channels being used,
  • Your ad and marketing budgets also need to be considered,
  • and, where your audience spends their time and engages the most

These skills can take many years to learn, even for one platform alone, let alone Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Industry tools, although can be amazingly useful, they come with very large price tags, and need specialists to use them. A lot of the time there is even minimum traffic or ad spend requirements.

This is where an Internet Marketing Service comes in. 

Because it is their main focus to manage multiple Companies, they will have experienced teams that help speed up researching, reporting, and Adhoc tasks. And in most cases, automate complete procedures that can take teams to run manually.

They also utilize industry leading licenses and tools and share with clients to help easier and faster performance.

PPC Ad Platforms

  • Google Ads PPC (Adwords)
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Youtube (through Google)
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Less mainstream platforms such as dating apps, real-estate platforms and many others.
Analytics Services Title Image

Analytics Tracking, Tagging, Conversion & Sales Remarketing

Analytics is the tracking of online events from traffic to a website, and then what they do when they are there.

Getting Website Visitors or “Traffic” is important, but it’s also important to understand how they engage with a website. Not just for sales, but also to optimise your business to better suit your audiences needs to stay competitive an industry.

Utilising this with smart engines, business intelligence strategies and technologies used to provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. This can provide very accurate audience insight, which will save large amounts of money and speed up strategy and planning tasks.