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How The Previous Facebook Ads And Now Meta Ads Work

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Facebook ads, Now “Meta Ads”, are adverts targeted at users on the Meta platform (which can include Instagram). Facebook lets you target users through location, demographic, and profile information.

Facebook or Meta Ads Vs Boosted Posts

There are 2 high-level options to advertise with the platform and that’s through Facebook Ads, or through Boosting Posts

The main difference between Boosted Posts and Facebook ads (Meta Ads) is they’re not created in Ads Manager. Boosted Ads are also a little more limited when it comes to customization features.

What Are Meta Ads?

Meta Ads (formerly Facebook Ads) are created in Ads Manager and have a lot more customization features available. The ads are able to show on the Meta (Facebook), Instagram, Messenger, Audience Networks. On top of the added targeting features, Meta Ads give you the option to use Images, Videos, Carousels, Instant Experience and Collections.

Ad Formats Available:

Meta has 5 main Ad Formats available to use with their Advertising platform

Facebook Placement and Available Ad Formats:

Facebook Placements have different options across their different networks depending on the networks and the ad formats you want to use. 

The following image will help explain what ad formats are available across the networks, and depending on your objective.

Click The Image To Enlarge.

Data Source For Facebook (Meta) Placements.

Facebook Bid Strategies:

Facebook has 5 different Bid Strategies that associate to 5 specific Performance Goals. They include; Automated bidding, Highest Value, Cost Cap, Minimum ROAS, and Bid Cap

The following image explains when or why you would use each strategy.

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Data Source For Facebook (Meta) Bid Strategies.

How To Create An Ad On Meta

Log into your Facebook Ads Manager and be prepared to have the following: 

  • Images ready, 
  • Ad text prepared, such as titles and short descriptions with your call-to-actions.
  • After uploading and creating these, you’ll need to refine your target audience settings.

After creating your ad contents, you set a budget and decide to bid for each click, or per thousand impressions that your ad receives.

What Are Boosted Posts?

A Boosted Post is a Meta Ad Type that shows up in your audience’s Facebook Feed. Another amazing benefit is Boosting also gives you the option to boost your post over instagram too. Boosting is the easiest way to advertise on Meta (Formerly Facebook).

It’s as simple as choosing one of your existing Timeline’s Posts, and then clicking the blue button on the bottom right of the post that says “Boost Post”. It then uses PPC ad spaces to show to your Target Audience settings.

3 Requirements Needed To Boost Your Post

  1. You’ll need to refine and select a target audience you want your boosted ad to show to.
  2. You will also need to set a max budget you want to spend over the duration you choose for your campaign.
  3. Finally, you need to choose the duration you want the Boost to run for.

From here, it’s as simple as clickingBoost”. You will have to wait up to 24 hours for your ad to be approved. Then, the boosting will begin!

Facebook (Meta’s) Free Audience Research And Planning Tool

In some cases, to use Meta’s Research Tools (for Facebook and Instagram), you will need to create a business suite account. Once you have it, you’ll then have an amazing set of Free Tools to use directly inside the Meta platforms. One of the main ones includes; the Audience Insights Tool.

How The Audience Insights Tool Works

The Audience Insights Tool is very simple to use, and gives you amazing insights to help plan your targeting options before starting your Meta Campaigns. The insights will show you 2 main options. Your “Current Audience”, which is based around the users who have interacted with your account. Or, your “Potential Audience”, which is where you can use filters to review new trends and audience sizes in new or current markets.

We highly encourage you to play around with the dashboard, and the filters at the top of the page. After no time at all, the interface starts to make a lot of sense to help you start your research

You will be able to insert topic keywords and other settings to select and tailor specifically who you want to target. It will then update with sizes and engagement rates of the current audience

You will get a clear view of locations and demographics of users who are more likely to react to your ads positively. It will even show negative user interest groups to help optimize the negative settings you want in your campaigns.

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