ECPC: Google's Enhanced Cost-Per-Click Bid Strategy

Enhanced Cost Per Click Google's ECPC Explaining How It Works..

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Enhanced cost-per-click is available on the Search and Display Network. This Bid Strategy will increase or decrease bids automatically depending on the likelihood of a major conversion. It aims to do this within the Max CPC limits you set within your Campaign.

There are limits when using ECPC, in that it doesn’t include app install campaigns. And, it will also only work with Hotel Ads when a user clicks on a hotel booking link.

How Enhanced Cost Per Click Works

Enhanced Cost-per-Click, or ECPC, works by automatically adjusting your Manual Bids for clicks that are more or less likely to end as a sale or conversion. The main difference with Google’s ECPC strategy, is that it will keep your average CPC below the max CPC you set as it optimizes itself. This includes your Max CPC for your bid adjustments.

This is different to the SMART bidding Strategies such as Target CPA and Target ROAS, which optimize to your target conversion cost or Return On Ad Spend goals. These strategies can show bids over your Max CPC to get conversions. They will maintain themselves over the monthly budget rather than at the cost per click level.

Optimizing ECPC For Conversions Or For Conversion Value

It is possible to set your ECPC to target and optimize itself towards Conversions or for Conversion value. Optimizing for Conversions will do just that, only it won’t take into consideration the value of the conversions. Whereas Optimizing for Conversion Value does the same, only it does take into consideration the value of your conversions if you know them.

Search, Display, And Hotel Campaigns Using ECPC

When using a Search, Display, or a Hotel Campaign, ECPC will increase conversions while aiming to keep your conversion costs the same as it would with Manual Bidding.

Enhanced Cost Per Click And Googles Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Campaigns with Enhanced Cost Per Click helps increase your campaigns conversions. While at the same time, it maintains the same overall ad spend for the month.

ECPC Tip: Optimize With A Conversion Value

ECPC allows you to set a conversion value when using Search and Shopping Campaigns. This lets you set and prioritize your conversion action values to better align with your business goals. By doing this, you’ll create an opportunity to prioritize the Campaign to focus on higher valued conversions over others.

The Difference Between ECPC And Other Smart Strategies

The difference between ECPC and other Smart Strategies from Google is that it only partially automates your Manual Bids. It will adjust your max CPC after applying your bid adjustments and doesn’t allow you to set a specific target

Other Google Smart Bidding strategies are fully automated and based on the CPA, ROAS, or your budget. Because they are fully automated, your bid adjustments will be overwritten and will be inactive while the Smart strategy is used. Google’s other automated Smart strategies don’t require you to set manual bids.

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