Digital Marketing SEO, PPC, Social, Content, And Management

Digital Marketing Completely Explained Including PPC and SEO For Advertising Platforms And Organic Search Engines And Social Platforms.

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Digital Marketing Overview

Digital Marketing And Everything You Need To Know To Grow And Optimize Your Business.

We discuss Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Management (SEM).

Look through each pricing guide and technical features list so see what should be managed from your marketing team. Or, how much you should expect to pay for a single service, or a multi-service agency to manage it for you.

SEO And PPC Digital Marketing

SEO and PPC Digital Marketing Strategies and responsibilities cover multiple advertising platforms. These include Search Engines, Social Platforms, and other influencing apps and websites. Most of which you might already be using within your company’s marketing mix today.

SEO And PPC Management and Strategy Guides

Below we differentiate the areas you should be thinking of managing when marketing your business and audiences effectively. They include both Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategies for each platform.

Content Creation And Marketing Management

Click the links below for more information about Content Creation, their Requirements for production or design, And Best Practices for each management area. We have created helpful images to show a better view of what technical areas are involved, and how they can either affect production time, quality, or costs.

Use these to compare what areas your marketing team have covered off, and what areas may need improving, or support with.

List Of Ongoing Management Areas

Content Types And Management Responsibilities

Like with PPC, SOE still does come at a cost. This is because you need to invest in the initial Development of Content, either Internally, or Using External Specialists. You then need to create management , social and linking plans to help it get reach and grow. 

The pro’s for SEO and Investing In Content can far outweigh the performance returns if it’s done right long-term over PPC. This is because Ads, although they do perform well, they will always come at a cost

Whereas, Creative Content is like real estate, or cheating with the stock market in a way (we will get to this in a second don’t worry!). In that, once you’ve initially invested, you will see long-term returns at no cost

If the value starts to drop, like in real-estate, you have the control to renovate and update it. Or, you can remove (demolish even) when it no longer brings value, and start something new.

See Competitor Performance And Strategically Overtake Them

The difference being, with today’s Analytical and Research Tools and Marketing Data Scientist Guru’s. Traffic can quickly be manipulated from search engines and competitors channels

If you know where and how the traffic is arriving to competitors, over time, you can redirect it towards your business without them directly knowing. This is why we mentioned it was like cheating with the stock market. It’s Investing and manipulating in data driven and Qualitative performance decisions

The trick is to prioritize it strategically, so it increases your returns in the shortest time, and in turn, the lowest cost.

Planning Ongoing Production Managing of Creative Content

When planning your creative content marketing strategy there are multiple things you need to think about. The first is Extensive Research to be able to evaluate your opportunities for your Return on Investment. Then it is to produce the least amount of content for the best return using:

Our Currently Available Support Services

Take a look at our Currently Available Digital Marketing Agency Services. If you can’t find what you are looking for, reach out to us and we can look at signing you up at the next available opening with our specialists.

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