Cost Of A Marketing Agency VS An Internal Management Team

Marketing Is Not An Expense, It’s An Investment.

A digital marketing agency costs €300-10,000+ per month depending your your service requirements, size and goals of your company.

Digital Marketing Agency Vs An Internal Marketing Manager Cost

So you are ready to invest in marketing, but how much does a marketing agency cost and what can you expect?

As mentioned briefly above the cost can be as low as 300 per month for basic services and singular campaigns. However, if you’re looking for end to end services and high quality content, marketing agency prices can reach over 10,000 per month. This includes the following services highlighted in the table below. 

Marketing Agency VS Internal Digital Manager Skill And Experience Comparison List

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Marketing Agency Costs & Service Features By BCNMKT

The Average Cost Of Internal Marketing Managers And Staff

We researched over 300+ marketing job roles and internal teams. This research included related job salaries, skills, experience, duties, trends, keywords (search terms), and other requirements on Glassdoor, Payscale and Linkedin. The results are highlighted throughout this post.

What Is The Average Salary Of A Marketing Manager

  • The average price of a single marketing manager in Spain is €40.000.
  • The average price of a single marketing manager in the UK is £45.000.
  • The average price of a single marketing manager in the United States is $75.000

Hiring an in-house marketing manager is usually a companies first preference. However, as you will learn, this can actually be more expensive and limiting. As you can see in the list above, 1 marketing manager alone can cost your company thousands each month. Also, Their skills, experience and output are often heavily limited.

Digital Marketing Agency Vs Internal Management Departments Explained

What Does A Marketing Manager Do?

A marketer manager does either a specialised portion of the the marketing mix such as PPC, SEO or Social or may have a more general skill-set which can be applied to multiple marketing disciplines. However as the old expression goes – jack of all trades, master of none. Their time and skills will be stretched across the various aspects and overall quality as a whole will be lower.

Marketing Manager Skills with 5 to 10 years of experience

  • Average to good – Sales skills & experience
  • Average to good – Client relationship & account management Skill & Experience
  • Average – PPC skills limited to 1-2 Ad platforms
  • Basic to average – SEO knowledge
  • Poor to basic – strategic content experience (writing/photo/video/product/social)
  • Average – Social Media skills
  • Poor – Marketing technology & research knowledge & experience
  • Poor to Basic – Web Development knowledge
  • Basic to average – Strategic planning skills
  • None to poor – Financial management knowledge and skills
Digital Marketing Agency Service VS Internal Marketer.

BCNMKT Is An End To End Online Digital Marketing Agency

BCNMKT is a marketing company online with very transparent pricing and features. We provide you with honesty and confidence so you know exactly what you are getting with no grey areas. Also, to show what needs to be recognised with each area if you manage your marketing internally. Manage quality and best practices, and what you should review with your current Marketing Manager or team on a regular basis.

How Much Should End To End Marketing Cost?

A fully managed End to End marketing specialist team to skyrocket your performance should realistically cost your company from €5,000  up to €15,000 per month, or 60,000 to 180,000+ per year. The prices quoted should include Website Builds, Web Design, SEO, PPC, Ecommerce, Social Media Management, Youtube & Video, Content Creation and Management.

How Do You Calculate Your Current Marketing Costs?

To calculate your current marketing costs, first start with reviewing your marketing department and how they’re operating.

Marketing And Management Costs To Review:

  • How many Marketing Managers and Content related staff is your company currently employing?
  • Do they use much office space or use much utilities in your offices?
  • Do you supply their equipment like laptops, printers, applications, licenses or cloud storage and networks, etc?
  • How much do you pay them altogether and what are they bringing you in return?
  • Does this include creative content, either written text for either product pages, social captions or blogs? Is this also including editing and re-work costs?
  • Does it include photography, editing, videos or music and sound effects?
  • How much are you investing in PPC costs on top of the salaries are paying?
  • How much are you spending on your website and its tools and technologies?

Maybe you are already using a Basic Marketing Company Online for one or two things that your team are not confident in managing themselves yet.

When you combine these areas for review, it will surprise you to see the opportunities lost and cost savings that are missed from skills gaps and lack of confidence within marketing departments.

A Digital Marketing Mix General Cost Breakdown Of 4 Managers

Most small companies will have at least 1 to 4 marketing staff, and at least one high level marketing manager monitoring their work. If you break it right down, even the cost of time that your Directors or Managers put towards reviewing marketing is costing your business money.

BCNMKT Digital Marketing Agency Pricing Guides, Notebooks And Agency Services.

Marketing Managers x4 At An Avg. of €40,000 Per Year Is €160,000

Duties that 4x Marketing managers would generally manage for your company.

    • Training.
    • Web Design.
    • Analytics.
    • SEO.
    • Ecommerce Platforms.
    • Social Media Management.
    • PR.
    • Events & Direct Marketing.
    • Email Marketing.
    • Direct Sales Or Support Outreaching.

Average PPC Costs To Budget Per Year €12,000 to €60,000

Your Digital Marketing Managers will most likely be managing PPC for the following ad platforms:

    • Google.
    • Facebook.
    • Instagram.
    • Youtube.
    • Amazon.
    • Pinterest.
    • and many more other less common ad platforms.

Creative Content Cost per year €10,000 to €50,000+

Each marketing channel you manage will need its own creative content. This content also needs to be optimized individually and strategically scheduled. After this it needs to be monitored and managed for engagement and support. This content can include:

    • Photography & Editing.
    • Videography, Audio & Editing.
    • Blogs & Articles.
    • Product Photos.
    • Free or Paid Image Sourcing.

Marketing Tools and Automation Technologies €1000+

One of the most important areas for your business should be marketing automation and management tools. This can range from operational performance to scheduling and engagement automation. This includes these main areas:

    • Production and Schedule Control
    • PPC Management
    • SEO Management
    • Email Management
    • Content and Social Management
    • Quality and Logistics Management
    • Analytics and Automation
    • Operations, Security and Storage Management

Big Company Marketing Mix Cost Breakdown

Bigger companies have multiple departments with staff upward of 50+ and PPC costs well over €100,000+ per month for their sales and marketing expenses. These are costs the company will have to continue paying. This includes through their low seasons when performance drops and the returns are lower.

To give you a better idea of digital marketing costs, a common and basic strategy used known as the 5% rule. Meaning 5% of your company’s revenue is reinvested into marketing mixes. This strategy was used by most CMO’s in 2015. However, Forbes later updated this recommendation from 2018 heading towards 2021. Now, Gartner found that the average marketing spend by CMO was increased to 12% in 2016.

As an example, if we look at Nike, who made $39.1 billion USD in revenue in 2019, the lower value of 5% of this is $1,955,000 USD, or $163,000 per month

However, marketing budget recommendations according to data experts Gartner, this should be as high as 26% of your company’s revenue. This could mean that Nike should be spending upward of $847,000 per month on their Marketing Costs.

Although most people want to spend as little as possible on marketing, at the end of the day, it is an investment. You should never measure marketing by the cost of the service, but, by the return on investment generated by the service itself.

Marketing Agency Strategy Guide For Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty And Advocate.

Benefits of a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

You can have A fully Managed Marketing team for €25.000 to €140.000 Less than your companies current marketing spend. This would instantly leave a lot of room for more Ad spend or content opportunities to break into. Don’t forget, this is also for highly trained specialists in each area. So, no learning time or up-skilling increasing delays and costs, with much faster results! 

Top tier marketing agency services will bring top tier results; performance uplift should also increase by up to 30 to 70% or more. If your current internal team or marketer are not bringing you this kind of ROI you need to reconsider your strategy for 2021 to remain competitive. 

If you have a small business limited by tight budgets or people to carry out all of the marketing tasks, this is good for you too.

How Marketing Agencies Work For You

You can still use monthly or one-off services to focus on improving your marketing. Having an End-to-End Marketing Specialist Service strategically guide you to spend your budget to get the most return using forecasts and data science.

This will increase your sales and marketing opportunities into new departments faster. The good thing is marketing services should have easy opt-out contracts. If not, you are with the wrong marketing agency.

With the risk of only a few months of investment for the benefits you could gain. As well, with the ability to cancel if it doesn’t work, what is there to lose? 

Basic one-off Digital marketing Agency campaigns can cost as low as €200 to €1,500 per month. This will Depend on the ad platform or campaign type you use.

Monthly ongoing single campaigns range from €350 to €10,000+ depending on your companies sales goals and marketing needs.

BCNMKT offer a dedicated team of marketing specialists who cover each of the skills mentioned above. We can save you up to 20 – 50% of your current marketing budget & time, with performance improvements up to 20-70% over a 3 month period.

In Summary: Save Thousands With A Digital Marketing Agency

This can save tens of thousands, which can then be reinvested into new opportunities to grow and optimise your business.

Marketing is not easy, managing a marketing team with little knowledge and experience is even harder. If you are looking to save money on marketing and get the best performance, why not take a look at the general marketing structure and costs of most businesses today.

A Basic marketing team of 1 to 5 people can cost you per year, not including the PPC or Tool costs, but from 40.000€ to 200.000€ in salaries alone. Majority of the time, there are also limitations and skills gaps with large amounts of training still needed just to meet your company’s basic needs. There is still a lot of uncertainty to the quality of work and output staff can produce. This is unless your marketing director has very intricate knowledge across the board with both sales, marketing and operations combined.

Keeping in mind, the ramp up period alone for new employees to gain experience and confidence to perform with these skills. Or, to perform in the role at a basic to average level can also take 3 to 12+ months. This is a lot of loss, delays and limitations to manage or learn, especially if you don’t need to.

If this sounds like the struggles your business has been having, then we can help you!