Call Center Service Cost Comparisons by BCNMKT

A Call Center Service That Cares, Is A Call Center That Grows Your Business.

What Are The Benefits of A Call Center Service?

  • Experiment with expanding into new business areas with reduced risks to your company.
  • Transfer the responsibility of tools, skills and management requirements to experienced specialists in these fields.
  • Transferring responsibilities of hiring and research procedures.
  • Training and performance management responsibilities will also be transferred to experienced management teams already using established tools, systems and reporting dashboards.
  • Improve customer Satisfaction, social rapport and word of mouth with Your Brand by listening and responding quickly.
  • Increase the chances of up-selling and repeat customers by building brand quality and confidence.
  • Increased Customer relationships and positive feedback, and in turn improve credibility for other customers to feel comfortable buying as well.
  • Quickly create Sales and Support Processes to increase overall ROI and sales velocity.
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Call Center Service and Cost Comparison Guide


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What Sales or Customer Support Are You Searching For?

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Plan A Call Center Project To Success From Day 1

Outsource Management and Project Planning can be a difficult step for small and even large businesses. This usually comes down to the knowledge gaps from never using one before. Or, unrealistic expectations that are unknown and not shared with you from lack of experience. 

Some Outsourcing Management Agencies can and will take advantage of this. They will start your project, and before you know it, you are wishing you never started at all. So, why not learn the steps to succeed with all call center and outsourced managed services.

An Overview Of Call Center Staff Types And Responsibilities

Before starting, it is a good idea to know and plan for the right staff at the right stages for your project. This helps plan costs and optimize growth and scalability for making sure you reach success and set your expectations.


Management Teams should include Project and Operations Managers, both internally and from the outsourcing agency. This is to collaborate and make sure the project is managed to your goals.

Senior Staff

Your project should also account for and include Security, Training and Quality Managers. These staff ensure the security of sharing your businesses information, while efficiently onboarding and getting staff operational and continually optimizing performance.

The Face Of Your Revenue Builders

Team Leads are useful for either managing and supporting the team directly, as well as performing task work when needed. Sales reps, support staff and account managers are the skilled members who are the face of your business. They are the ones that drive or maintain revenue for your project.

Time Savers

Virtual Assistance are less skilled and experienced staff, but more affordable at earlier stages. They are perfect for performing repetitive or general task duties to help save you and your business time.

VA’s can also be used for supporting marketing teams for outreaching tasks and support for your marketing channels at reduced costs.

Call Center Project Management Plan

Project Management Plan Overview for Managed Outsource Call CenterServices

Managment Levels and Limitations When Outsourcing

Another Benefit of Outsourcing to Agencies is when you want to scale, this is when things start to get interesting. Management Can start to manage bigger teams more effectively.

Training becomes more efficient in bigger groups with added peer support groups.

Company culture can be faster adopted to your business through power and support in numbers and competitive environments where success can also be shared.

Use this sheet with the project Plan Guide and the outsourced services that you are wanting to develop. Plan your sales, support and marketing to suit your business and know how to ensure success for any Agency. 

Call Center Management Limitations Chart

Outsource Managed Services Management Staff Limitations

Virtual Assistant Pricing and List of Services Included

All business should have used a Virtual Assistant (VA) by now. If not, it’s a cheap experiment to test for the possible benefits you could see in return.

Virtual Assistants can be hourly, part-time or full-time. The can be trained to complete most admin, executive assistant or basic repetitive tasks.

If you have your own training and support teams, and you are only looking for part-time help, VA’s can be the perfect option. The trick is being able to find quality assistants that can respect and maintain your brand and companies culture.

Take a look at the list of tasks that Virtual Assistants normally perform. See how much they cost and VA limitations.

Prices and Features for Virtual Assistants 2020

Virtual Assistant Cost Guide And Marketing Agency Checklist

Customer Support and Account or Client Relationship Service Pricing

Customer Support can make or break a brand. Have you ever had a Client Account with someone and they were rude, could not answer your questions or were slow to resolve your problem? What about already experiencing how bad some call center Client Relationship Management can be.

The good news is, now you can learn what you should look for in a call center, and industry performance benchmarks. At the same time, still maintaining the necessary quality of your brand.

Review and compare the pricing lists for Customer Support, Account or Technical Support Services and determine Your Team for Success.

Price List for Customer Support and Account or Client Management​

Pricing List and Features for Customer Support, Account Management and Technical Managed Services

Outbound and Inbound Sales Rep Pricing

A company can have the best idea in the world. But, if they don’t have someone or somehow to sell it, it might just end up an expensive experiment sitting in the garage.

Best performing sales reps are specialists that can perfect the barrier between personal and professional. They are driven, professionally persistent and know how to negotiate on their feet.

View the comparison list of services and pricing differences for sales reps. Learn what your businesses needs and start improving sales for the rest of 2020.

Outbound and Inbound Sales Rep Pricing

Sales Representative Rep Pricing and Service Offering Comparisons

Call Center Pricing for Management Staff 2020

One of the main benefits of hiring a call center is because of the skills, tools and experience that comes with it. Being specialised in this profession, staff criteria, market research, operational procedures, reporting, IT and communications, security and and even hiring and training business responsibilities can be shared.

This drastically reduces risks for companies who are not set up or don’t have the facilities to scale. Or, who don’t have the management capabilities to safely expand in the unknown.

Review what managers you might need for your managed services.

Don’t forget to use the Project Plan Guide. See how a successful outsourced project should be managed and compare it with the Manager Limitation List to Estimate the Cost of Your Plan.

Call Center Pricing for Management Staff 2020

Team Lead, Project Manager, Operations, Security and IT Management Pricing

Marketing Services For Boosting Your Sales And Support Teams

Marketing Services are a great way to Support Sales Projects.

Outbound Sales teams can be a very direct to approach your target audience or customers needs.

PPC Services can be a less intrusive approach to reach your audience. Where as Social Media Management can Improve your Brand and Credibility in Your Market.