Analytics And Business Intelligence Pricing Tailored For Your Company

To Perform Without Analytics Or Measurement Is Impossible.

Analytics and Business Intelligence questions can raise many if not all the eyebrows in the room when its mentioned. This is because Business Intelligence (BI) and both Internal and external Data Analytics is essential in today’s operational world. But, how do you manage something when there are so many technologies, social and marketing platform algorithms updating every day, that you don’t even know where to start.

Also with all the recent security updates for data control laws, there is more than just one aspect to think about when approaching it.

To keep ahead of targeted audiences, companies need to somehow convert data into information. This helps plan future sales and marketing strategies and major business decisions.

Reporting and managing the right data analytics setup can help increase revenue and reduce costs considerably, and in a short space of time. Setting up operational analytics systems can also speed up efficiency or highlight strong and weak areas in a company

Having a BI solution helps optimize all the essential areas of your business for Security or for Sales and Marketing.

Setting Up BI and Analytics Systems can also be tricky. Look at the Pricing and Feature lists below to see what marketing mix channels you use. Find out you need to manage or plan to start optimizing for your business in the future.

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BI & Business Analytics Features and Pricing List By BCNMKT

BI Prices and Analytics Pricing by BCNMKT sales and marketing Agency with list of full features

Analytics and PPC Machine Learning, A Sales Directors Dream

It’s not hidden secret how Paid Per Click (PPC) Marketing works, but it is hard to master. 

Analytic and PPC go hand in hand. If your PPC campaigns have nothing to measure, than how would you know if worked. 

You can get away with the bare minimum analytics setup just to track the main essentials. But, imagine if you could learn specific patterns your users did before the bought a product and then capitalize on it. What if you could repeat this pattern to other groups of patterns that are very similar and learn how you can re-gain their interest. Or, what if you had people start something on your website, like a form, or a purchase and then they left without converting. This is where PPC Remarketing becomes your companies best friend.

Remarketing is posting ads to these previous visitors with tailored ads towards the grouped pattern of people

An example might be; what if you had a pattern where your users add a group of products to the cart and then left without buying anything. With a good analytical web designer, you can create a tracking list to record this group. Once the group is big enough, the bigger the better it works, you can then create ads and PPC campaigns to target these groups to try and bring them back. Remarketing has proven to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) using PPC platforms by up to 13x.

SEO Management Combined With Optimized Analytics and BI

Every Company wants to rank 1 on Google with good SEO, Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI). Knowing how to set your website up for Search Engine Optimization can be very difficult though. Especially if you don’t know where to start.

BCNMKT’s SEO specialists have put together a list of things you should think about when you approach an SEO Management service. Compare the inclusions and prices of the different Marketing plans and see which one would best suit your campany. These range from on-off hourly costs and basic audits, to detailed advanced insights and ongoing Monthly SEO management.