Amazon Marketing Services And How Much They Cost

Simplify Shopping Experiences With Amazon.

Amazon marketing services include Amazon PPC, Amazon SEO, Product Management, Research and New Listing Creation. Use these services that help to increase your rank, visibility and return on the products you sell

So how do you begin to sell on Amazon?

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Amazon New Product Listing Creation

So you’ve created an Amazon account and now you want to create a New Product Listing and begin to sell. Each new product is created with new Amazon product listing registration numbers, also known as ASINs. Choose a price that is competitive. Create product photos with background removal and write your listing text.

When creating a new product listing for Amazon, study the SEO best practices to find the best title structure and description for Amazon. Consider the back end data when uploading the product. For best performance have a large number of product units and provide fast delivery time

BCNMKT ensures high performance marketing by conducting competitor and market analysis when the product listing is created. Our internal tools determine the best performing SEO titles, descriptions and back end data to ensure maximum organic reach and visibility for new product listings. This means more exposure and sales right from the start, a head-start when entering the race.

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Amazon Market And Competitor Research

How do you optimise existing products on Amazon and increase sales? The products are selling, but how do you improve your sales strategy? And, How do you become a Top Seller on Amazon and overtake your competition?

You need to research the industry the products belong to and find out what your competitors are doing right. Consider what prices and profit margins are viable and how competitive can you be to increase your sales to gain exposure and reviews

BCNMKTs Amazon product management and research services focus on enhancing the performance of existing products through competitor research. We conduct extensive industry research to bring you the Top Performing Organic and PPC Keywords for your Amazon product. Using our tools we audit other sellers and provide a detailed market forecast of what you need to do to improve your rank on Amazon and overtake competitors. Our forecast includes marketing spend for PPC, pricing advice and return estimates so you understand what return you can expect from your investment.

BCNMKT Pricing Table Comparison Of Amazon Benchmarking, Market And Competitor Research

Amazon SEO And Organic Ranking

How does Amazon SEO improve your sales and why is it important? Should you focus on organic Amazon SEO before investing in PPC? Your products are selling, but how do you boost your sales organically?

Amazon SEO includes the optimisation of existing product listings based on Amazon SEO best practices. According to this you need to highlight the key features and showcase the products Unique Selling Points in the descriptions. Consider what PPC and Organic keywords are bringing your competitors performance and return. Re-evaluate the backend data of your products and optimise it for Amazon SEO.

BCNMKT conducts competitor analysis and market research combined with internal tools to boost SEO on existing products. Using this data we carefully select high volume, high relevance keywords and apply them to the product titles, descriptions, bullet points and back-end data. This ensures an uplift in visibility and return.

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Amazon PPC: Search And Display

Amazon PPC allows sellers to boost visibility and sales rapidly and overtake competitors in organic rankings.

When should you use Amazon PPC?

You can use Amazon PPC as soon as your products are live. However, it is better to do your market research and ensure your Amazon SEO is optimal beforehand. 

These are the foundations of your strategy; without SEO and adequate research, Amazon PPC will be expensive and less effective for your company.

How do you ensure Amazon PPC is effective and profitable?

So your products are live, gaining sales and your seller reputation is strong. Your organic rankings have improved greatly. But, How can you overtake your top competitors? Amazon PPC allows you to outrank the organic product listings and get your products on users screens fast.

Amazon offers two types of PPC campaigns; Search and Display. Amazon Search Ads appear on the Search Listings and use a Cost Per Click pricing model. Amazon Display Ads appear on Amazon and on 3rd party publisher sites and are charged on a Cost Per Mille model.

About Amazon’s Marketing PPC Search Campaign Strategies

Like other PPC platforms, the Amazon Marketing Platform Search pricing model is CPC. This means you pay for each click when a user engages with your ad.

As part of your Amazon marketing campaign, you will select a campaign with specific placements, or keywords related to your product.  

After choosing the appropriate PPC campaign, choose the maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) you want to pay and determine the budget. Measure campaign performance and optimise accordingly. 

Like Google Ads and other ad platforms, the basic principle is you only pay $0.01 more than your next competitor to have a higher ranked ad.

Amazon Search Ad Locations

  • The top of the search results
  • The bottom of the search results
  • The right-hand side margin

About Amazon's Sponsored Display Campaign Marketing Strategy

Similar to Google Ads, Amazon Sponsored Display Ads are charged on a Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand Impressions. You pay each time Amazon displays your ad 1000 times to users across its network.

You can use Amazon Sponsored Display ads on both on the Amazon Platform or on other websites that belong to Amazons 3rd party display network. Users are targeted by audience interests or product pages viewed. Amazon Sponsored Display Ads can appear on both desktop and mobile.

Amazon Display Ad Locations

  • Above the fold on product details page
  • Below the fold on product pages and buy box
  • Websites that are part of Amazons 3rd party display network

Amazon Marketing Platform CPC Pricing Model

BCNMKT Pricing Table Comparison Of Amazon PPC Services

Amazon Marketing Services With BCNMKT

BCNMKT offers a full PPC strategy for Amazon Marketing Services, Including customised PPC campaign management. We use tools to determine the optimal keywords in-line with your Return On Ad Spend goals

BCNMKT specialists create effective campaigns that allow you to compete within a budget that works for you. Our strategy not only ensures return on PPC ad spend, but will also boost organic rankings.