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Affiliate Program Policy of BCNMKT Marketing Services

In addition to the general Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of BCNMKT, these additional terms are incorporated into these specified policies and apply to you to act as an affiliate when referring or promoting our products or services.


We value and greatly appreciate the users who promote and recommend our services and products to others. In doing so, we aim to pay our affiliated partners a fixed percentage or monetary value, as agreed between the parties and is clearly stated in writing prior to the affiliated sale.

For each confirmed and paid service or product referral that is made, and that is not cancelled or refunded at any time, and as long as you remain an affiliate partner and this agreement is still actively in effect.

BCNMKT has the right to update and change the prices of products and services at any time and without notice. There is no guaranteed minimum payment amount from any referral. BCNMKT also has the right to update these terms and conditions at any time and without notice and is up to you, the user, to maintain awareness of the terms and conditions on this affiliate page.

Affiliate payments are made approximately 30 days after the end of the month in which the confirmed affiliated sales transaction occurred. Fraudulent signups associated with an affiliate, or suspicious activity may result in being banned from the program and payments owed will be revoked.

Payment amounts for a referral may differ between affiliates if separately negotiated in writing by BCNMKT. This relates to affiliates who regularly grow their referrals and BCNMKT will contact you directly to update you about the opportunity to earn more.

You as an affiliate agree to be responsible for all taxes and other similar levies as required by any law or regulation. You as an affiliate also agree as a condition of payment to accurately provide all identification and tax information necessary to allow BCNMKT to comply with any legal or tax requirement.

You as an affiliate understand and agree that payment tracking can never be 100% accurate and this may be affected by events beyond our control, such as customers not accepting cookies, removing cookie history, or other mechanisms through affiliate referrals to be tracked which may result in the interference with referral conversions registering in your account.


For affiliate commissions, you will receive commission for the first purchase made by a new customer who is not in an active sales process with us at the time of the affiliate link click.

The customer needs to signup and pay within the 30 day window after clicking on your link.

To receive ongoing commissions from services, the customer must continue their original purchase agreement. If the customer decides to stop their contract and start again at a later stage, commissions will not continue.

Only affiliate links can be used to track referrals. Incorrect use of affiliate links will cause inability to track referrals and commissions will not be associated.

You cannot use your own affiliate links against your own purchases and use of services. You also can’t be a billing contact or user of the account referred.

Fraudulent or stolen attribution are classified as non-payable events. If we suspect fraud (for example, if we see that signups are all from the same city or IP address) we may require you to prove that the referrals are valid.

There are a number of other limitations that may result in commission not being paid or may require additional proof from you to confirm you have adhered to our code of conduct appropriately.


You as an affiliate understand and agree that the ability to advertise our products and services as an affiliate is non-exclusive and can be revocable at our own discretion for any reason and at any time.

All proprietary information, trademarks, copyrights and all other similar rights in and arising out of our products and services are, and shall continue to be, our exclusive property. Affiliates have a right to refer to our trademarks so long as they remain active affiliates and otherwise comply with these terms as well as our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Affiliates shall act exclusively as an independent contractor, and agree they are not an employee or registered agent acting for BCNMKT. Nothing in this Agreement shall create a partnership, joint venture, agency, or franchise between the parties.

Affiliates cannot sign any document on behalf of BCNMKT – Data Performance Management or any related subsidiaries or trading names, nor shall any affiliate hold itself as being our agent or as having apparent authority to contract for or bind BCNMKT to any contract.

Affiliates may not promote our products or services from any website, platform or other location that engages in illegal conduct. Additionally, affiliates agree to not promote our products or services from any website or other location that also contains or promotes ‘adult’ related products or services.

For any concerns or questions please contact BCNMKT at; [email protected]